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I discovered my passion for editing in high school, while putting together my church’s plays tape-deck to tape-deck. I decided to pursue it as a career and moved away from my small town in Maine to the "big city" of Greenville, SC to major in Cinema and Video Productions. 


A pivotal moment in my creative perspective came during my last year of college while working on my senior project, a short documentary about a Civil War hero. I struggled with how to make the stories flow together, until I decided to group them into three main areas of his personality and how he was perceived. I came up with humor, courage, and respect. 


After graduating, I assisted and even acted in a feature film produced by my school. I went on to work at a local video 

production company as a project manager overseeing live events and corporate videos. I spent some time as a freelancer, then landed a big project with a company that led to a full-time position as a video editor and eventually a promotion to lead video editor. 


Years later, I realize that my pivotal moment in college is now the catalyst behind my creative process. We all have something to share, but what people connect to is the feeling behind our story.


I am now on my own full-time at the career I love. Besides creating videos, I love spending time between my two different worlds of city and country, dreaming about interior design, planning my next big trip, swing dancing around town, and hanging out with my friends and family.


Feel free to shoot me a message! I'd love to hear from you!


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